Study for Cyclists
Participate in a study that will help cyclists to make friends with the wind
and understand weather better
Outdoor editor and cyclist from the Dolomites
— Hey fellow cyclist,

This is Ivan from — professional weather app for all water and wind sports: sailing, surfing, kayaking, fishing, and cycling. It is free, and we have PRO version with more useful tools, for example, real-time wind data from weather stations near to you. 70 000 people reviewed us 4,5*.

We want to improve the app specifically for you, by adding a few new tools we believe will help us to beat the wind and to predict the weather better. And you know that the weather is a huge obstacle or a friend for every cyclist on a planet. We want to be friends with the weather.

To understand better, what cyclists need and to add these features, we are looking for your help.

Please answer these few questions. It will take 5—7 minutes — faster than getting into your cycling kit. After completing the form you will get promo code for 1 month's free access to the PRO and activation instructions. There is no need to pay for a subscription, or to cancel.

Ready? Let's ride.
My name is Ivan, because I'm from the region of Karelia, Russia/Finland. What is your name?
Please provide your e-mail, so I could share the results of this study with you and tell about the tools we will add, thanks to you.
What is your nickname in some social network (optional)?
What city and country you live in?
Where you travel abroad for cycling (optional)?
I have Bianchi Impulso 105 Compact. And you? Is it good in strong winds?
What 3—5 other cycling/sport apps do you use most often and why? I use Strava and PeakVisor.
What weather apps do you use? Why do you like them?
It is not very windy in the Dolomites, but rainy and cold in off-season. What weather parameters are most important to you in your part of the world?
What cycling tools in other apps are most useful to you?
What tools do you like to see in the weather app or be able to add from another app? For example, the wind history from your last training. Use your imagination. (Optional.)
What other sports you do? I like hiking and kayaking. Drones are cool, too.
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