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Hi there! We are thrilled that you've installed and would like to show you what's what in it. will come useful when you need a slightly more elaborate weather forecast than just "hot or cold" – one including wind speed, direction and gusts, precipitation, pressure, etc.
Let's take a closer look.
Getting Started: Settings
Open the settings and select the measurement units you'd like in the forecasts.

Bonus: a kiter or a windsurfer? Enter your weight as well – that way will be able to recommend you the best kite or sail size depending on the weather conditions.
Free or not
All the app's main functions are available for free. PRO and PRO+ gives you access to additional features and more precise forecast models. The details will follow.
Check the Weather Forecast: Map and Spots
Before moving on to the forecast itself, find out more about forecast models.

The weather depends on lots of different factors: wind speed, cloudiness, pressure, humidity, etc. All of them can be measured and represented in meters per second, millimeters of mercury, etc. A mathematical weather model is a combination of all these factors. Such models tend to be very complex, powerful computers calculate them.

Usually weather models are provided by national weather services, but sometimes they can also be produced by groups of enthusiasts.
Predictive models used in
ECMWF – Global
A global model by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. Considered the best for precipitation and cloudiness. Resolution – 14 km. Updates every 12 hours, providing forecasts for 10 days.
GFS27 – Global
The US Global Forecast System, originally created for aviation. Updated 4 times a day, providing forecasts for 10 days.
GFS+ – Global
While the GFS27 interpolates data for every dot within a 27 km x 27 km square, the GFS+ always shows only the maximum result in each square. Updates 4 times a day, forecasting for 10 days.
ICON7, ICON13 – Global
A global model by Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Meteorological Service).
For Europe, higher resolution (7 km) is available for the ICON model, making it even more precise than the ECMWF. The ICON with a 13 km resolution is the global version available worldwide.
— ICON7 – updates 4 times a day, every 6 hours. Provides forecasts for the next 5 days.
— ICON13 – updates 8 times a day, every 3 hours. Provides forecasts for the next 5 days.
NAM – North America
Developed specifically for North America, provides the most precise forecast for the region. Resolution – 12 km. The forecast is updated 2 times a day. Provides forecasts for the next 61 hours.
WRF8 – Europe
The WRF is a model for weather forecast calculation developed by several scientific laboratories in different countries.

Using it, calculates a hyperlocal forecast for Europe and the Mediterranean. Updates once a day, giving forecasts for the next 3 days.
OpenSkiron – Mediterranean
A local model developed at the University of Athens. Considered one of the best for the Mediterranean. Resolution – 12 km. Updated once a day, providing forecasts for the next 5 days.
OpenWRF – Mediterranean
A local model for the Mediterranean. Based on the WRF technology, adapted by the University of Athens and a group of enthusiasts. Resolution – 12 km. Updated 4 times a day, giving forecasts for the next 4 days.
AROME – France and the surrounding territories
A local model developed by Meteo France (French meteorological service). Covers France and some adjacent regions. Resolution – 1.25 km. It is updated 8 times a day and provides forecasts for the next 42 hours.
Enough with the models – moving on to the forecast itself. has 2 forecast modes:
- global – on the map;
- local – for a spot.

Let's start with spots.
Forecast on the Spot
A spot is a specific location, a point on the map.

You can search a spot entering its name or directly on the map.
Opening a spot, the first thing you see is the windrose.

The windrose shows wind statistics for that spot for the period on the screen (that is, for the period that fits on your screen right now).

The colors of the windrose correspond to wind strength.

Under the windrose – forecasts by different models.

Click the model of your choice and view the forecast.

The Compare Mode allows you to compare forecasts by several models.

No need to rely on one model only.


The forecast archive stores previous years' forecasts for the spot, starting from 2012.

Compare forecasts for different seasons and pick one that suits you most :)

You can add any spot to Favorites.

To do so, press the star in the top right corner of the screen. The spot will now appear on the app's main screen. You won't have to search for it again.

You can remove a spot from favorites the same way, just press the star again and it will become transparent.

How to create a new spot?
1. Select a location on the map and tap on it (a short tap is enough).
2. A window will pop up; press "+".
3. Enter the name of the new spot.
How to delete or rename a spot?
Users cannot delete or rename spots on their own. However, if you need to delete/rename a spot, please write to us at
How to set the time zone of a spot?
The time zone is chosen automatically depending on the spot's coordinates. The app doesn't allow manual settings. If you find inaccurate or outdated information, please contact us at
Forecast on the Map
The button to access the map is always visible at the top right corner of the screen.

You can pick either wind or precipitation forecast for the map to show.

You can select the map view you like (satellite, hybrid) and adjust transparency of the wind forecast layer. You can also hide or show spots and weather stations on the map.
Wind forecast

• FREE: wind map available using model GFS27

• PRO and PRO+: access to the ECMWF, WRF8, ICON13, as well as HD wind map and offline mode.

! The definition of the HD map is 4 times higher than that of the default one.
Precipitation Forecast

The map shows an hourly precipitation forecast, as well as the accumulated precipitation data: the history for the previous periods plus the prediction for the nearest future. Time intervals are 12 hours and 1-3-5-10 day(s).

The accumulated precipitation forecast shows the predicted amount of precipitation in millimeters for the next 12 hours.
Offline Mode

You can see the forecast on the map and on favorite spots even with no internet connection - just activate the offline mode.

Before going to the sea (or elsewhere with no connection), open the app to download the forecasts automatically and then use them offline.

Weather Profiles
Remember picking favorite activities? Now you can open weather profiles specific to your hobbies. To select a profile, tap on the button "Current profile" under the forecast.
Weather profiles in
This profile suggests a kite size based on wind speed and your weight. It shows the direction, speed and gusts of wind, precipitation and cloudiness, as well as water characteristics.
— wind speed and direction
— high and low tide periods
— sea currents' directions and speed
— wave height in meters
— atmospheric pressure at sea level
Suggests a sail size based on wind speed.
Provides a detailed wind speed and wave state forecast.
It provides a detailed forecast of swell.
At the top - new SNOW widget.
The whole resort setting at once:
- How cold it is at different heights right now.
- When did it last snow.
- Snow accumulation at different heights.
- Wind direction and speed.

Lower is the detailed SNOW forecast.
• How cold will it be at different heights.
• Where will it snow and rain.
• General precipitation forecast.
— Solunar periods
— Atmospheric pressure at sea level
— Moonrise/moonset
— Air temperature
— Precipitation
— Wind direction, gusts and speed
The interesting features here are air temperature when cycling and the UV index.
Ensemble model (EC-ENC)
Sometimes, forecast models may be wrong and meteorologists came up with a clever solution. They use the same model all over again but input slightly different data. For example, the wind speed was 3 m/sec, but they input it as 3.3 m/sec. This way the parameters of the models are slightly modified.

Given these new parameters, they develop a new weather forecast. Then repeat this 40 times getting 40 different forecasts.

If the lines on the graph are spaced widely apart, then you should not rely on the forecast too much. And if the lines are close together-the determined forecast is reliable.

More about ensemble models

Weather Stations
Weather stations show real-time weather on spots. Our app is connected to thousands of weather stations all around the world.

To check the actual wind speed on a given spot, open search, pick "Weather stations" and enter your location.

You can also see the stations on the map.

Custom Forecast (Custom Profile)
You can customize the weather forecast the way you need.

To do so, select the necessary parameters and their order.

There are more than 50 parameters available: wind forecast by different models, atmospheric characteristics (such as pressure, humidity, temperature, etc.), oceanologic characteristics (sea currents, tides, waves) and more.

! In the custom profile, you can also add "Sunrise and sunset" – then the respective times will appear in the date line.

Kind of a "DIY"! You can also rename the custom profile :)

Wind Alerts
To make sure you don't miss the best wind on a spot, set up wind alerts.

Open the spot and press "Wind Alerts". Select the wind speed and direction, the period for the wind to stay and the warning interval. Now you'll never miss the best experience.

There is a local chat for every spot. In local chats, users share information about the real weather on the spot, give useful tips and ask questions.

Spam and verbal abuse are strictly prohibited. You can find travel buddies here!

Wind Reports
Let your friends know about the wind on a spot in just one click. Your reports will be sent to the chat.

It is very helpful for other users. You can even attach a picture!

Answers to FAQs
How do you turn off chat notifications?
Open the chat, enter the menu and press "Mute".
What behaviour can be reported in chat?
You can report a person for being rude or offensive (verbal abuse), spamming or placing pornographic materials. To report a message, tap on it and select "Report".
Can I get a discount for PRO?
Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to learn about our special offers and discounts.
What is the best's feature?
The Compare Mode allows you to compare forecasts from different models.

You don't have to rely on one model only. Thanks to the Compare mode you can make a calculated decision on the weather.

Our users also like Custom Profiles – a set of parameters you choose by yourself.
Which predictive model works best in my region?
We recommend using regional predictive programs – the best for each region. Here is a table with all the models and the regions they cover.
What is a profile?
Check out the short but explicit section "Profiles".

Profile is a set of parameters specific for your activity.
How does calculate the kite size?
The kite size is calculated depending on your weight (enter it in the settings) and the wind speed by the GFS model.
What can I see on the map?
Check out the short but explicit section "Forecast on the map".
How do I interpret the wind speed using the color on the map?
In the upper part of the map there's a key with colors and the corresponding speeds.
How do I change the app's language settings?
The app's language is set automatically depending on your phone's language settings. The app does not support changing the language settings manually.
How do I transfer my PRO account to another gadget?
Just sign in to your account from the new phone/tablet.
I am lost in the app.
Please contact us at, we are always here to help.
I know how to make the app better! Where should I write?
We welcome each and every idea, really! Send them all to our mail