Live talk:
Live talk:
Windhub: marine weather & routing
We're proud to present our new app, WindHub, made by marine enthusiasts for marine enthusiasts! Dive into marine weather forecasting and navigation, and see the most useful features in action.

June, 1st
6 PM GMT+1
During the talk, you will:
  • Learn the basics of Windhub: models, layers, and settings
  • Explore weather routing, nautical charts, live wind, and more
  • See how to use the app with a live demonstration
After the talk, you will:
  • Have your WindHub app all set up and ready to go
  • Know how to create a route and get the most accurate forecast
  • Watch how your ideas and feedback come to life in the app
Kate, Head of User Support
Kate has been with for almost 4 years, working in user support, participating in company-wide projects, and creating new features and educational content. Her background in meteorology comes in handy every day :)
Gregory, Product Manager of WindHub
Gregory joined the team a little over a year ago, to make WindHub more powerful and useful! His main focus is on understanding user needs, how they use the app, and transforming this into working solutions.