Live talk:
Live talk:'s Basics: Part 1
This is our third, but probably the most fundamental webinar! Kate, our head of user support, will show you how to set up the forecast for a spot and read it, step by step.
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13th of July
10 AM PDT • 1 PM EST • 6 PM UTC +1
During the talk, you will:
  • Get an overview of what is for
  • Learn the process of checking the forecast, step by step
  • See which free and PRO features can be helpful along the way
After the talk you will:
  • Know all there is about forecasts for specific locations
  • Get a cheat sheet recommending which weather forecasting models to use
  • Understand how to get live wind data
Kate, head of user support
Kate has been with for 4 years, working in user support and taking part in creating new features and educational content. Her background in meteorology comes in handy every day :)