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weather-impacted decisions

by using accurate weather data and technology

weather data

Multiple sources
from sensors to models
Adapted to your
business needs
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What is Windy
We develop professional weather apps such as, MeMeteo, Windhub for outdoor activities with 15 million users worldwide. To do that, we operate with dozens of weather models and process a large amount of data.

Leveraging our wealth of experience in meteorology and weather-related technologies, we provide companies with high-quality weather data and climate-driven solutions.
• Foundation of the Windy Weather World Inc. abbreviated as Windy
• Launch of in App Store
• 1 million app downloads
• Community of like-minded people right in the app
• Launch of B2B weather-driven solutions in renewable energy projects
• 10 million app downloads
Winners of the World Meteorological Organization International Weather Apps Awards
that help companies not suffer from weather events, but benefit from them
Windy API
• Current weather, short- and long-term weather forecasts via API.

• Available in XML, JSON, CSV formats.
• More than 100 parameters.
Maps & Widgets
• A wide variety of meteorological parameters and layers.

• Inform your website visitors about the weather conditions
• Accurate historical weather data
from 1949 to present

• Ideal for analytics and machine learning

of organizations are negatively impacted by weather

impact of routine weather variance on the US economy

of crop losses are related to extreme weather
The 2nd

highest influence on consumer behavior is the weather
Use cases
The weather is constantly costing businesses money. From energy and agriculture to digital marketing.

Smart city

• Keep people safe by using hyperlocal weather data

• Save resources by optimizing weather-related decision making

• Precipitation forecasting to plan and monitor fieldwork

• Identify weather patterns to make timely decisions

Renewable energy

• Highly accurate weather data is essential for renewable energy operations, whether it's predicting demand to improve operational efficiency


• Windy owns considerable expertise in operating the state-of-the-art WRF-ARW numerical weather model. The spatial resolution of this model is up to 0.6 km and the time resolution is up to 15 minutes.

• We operate AI-based technology of nowcasting – the most precise precipitation forecast for the next 2 hours with a 10-minute resolution.

• Our data source partners are public meteorological institutions such as National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Meteo-France, The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

• Windy is a unique team of meteorologists, developers, AI engineers and business specialists with 10+ years of experience.
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