Why Europeans Choose WRF8 Weather Model
Hey outdoor fans!

The answer to the question is simple: because WRF8 (Weather Research and Forecasting) is the best regional weather model for Europe.

  • The WRF was result of a collaborative effort of several agencies and laboratories across the globe in the 1980s.
  • It is applicable globally and can take local geography and topography into account with a wide range of different physical parameters and demands vast resources to process.
  • Many institutes use the WRF as a base to develop their own regional models, so the WRF is also a codebase for further forecast model processing.

Key information about weather forecast from WRF8:

  • Resolution: down to 500 m (8 km in Windy.app).
  • Forecast depth: 3 days.
  • Step: 3 hours.
  • Updates frequency: once a day.
How to get weather forecast from a WRF8 in the app?

  1. Search for the spot and open it.
  2. Choose a weather model by its name under the windrose or in the Wind and Precipitation Map.
  3. Get weather forecast.

The features is available in a Pro version.