Meet All Weather Forecast Models by the Region Used in
Hey outdoor fans!

You already know, that the weather depends on different factors: wind speed, cloudiness, pressure, humidity, etc. And that, all of them can be measured and represented in meters per second, millimeters of mercury, and so on.

So the weather model is a combination of all these factors. Such models are very complex, powerful computers calculate them.

Weather models are provided by national or regional weather services. has two types of such a models: global — on the map, and local — for a spot.

Briefly meet all weather forecast models by the region used in

  • Global: ECMWF, ECMWF-ENS, GFS27, GFS+, ICON 13
  • Europe: ICON 7, WRF8
  • North America: NAM
  • Mediterranean: Open Skiron, Open WRF
  • France: AROME
How to get weather forecast from a weather model in the app?

  1. Search for the spot and open it.
  2. Choose a weather model by its name under the windrose.
  3. Get weather forecast from this model.
  4. Change the model and get new weather forecast.
  5. Compare different weather models.

GFS27 is available in the free version, the rest of the models — in a Pro version, including Compare Mode.