Top 5 Most Used Weather Models in
Hey outdoor fans!

Did you know, that one of the coolest features of is the ability to choose the weather forecast model that suits you best?! That's how you can better predict the weather for your favorite spot and the type of sport. But that's not all...

We've just learned what weather models users choose the most*, including Compare Mode feature of all weather models:

  1. ECMWF — global. Resolution — 14 km. Updates every 12 hours, providing forecasts for 10 days.
  2. NAM — North America. Resolution — 12 km. The forecast is updated 2 times a day. Provides forecasts for the next 61 hours.
  3. Compare Mode. It allows you to compare forecasts by several models. So there is no need to rely on one model only — 10 weather sources on one chart.
  4. ECMWF-ENS (Ensemble Model) — global. Resolution — 27 km. Updates — once a day.
  5. WRF8 — Europe. Resolution — 8 km. Updates once a day, giving forecasts for the next 3 days.

* based on in-house statistics.
How to get weather forecast from a weather model in the app?

  1. Search for the spot and open it.
  2. Choose a weather model by its name under the windrose.
  3. Get weather forecast from this model.
  4. Change the model and get new weather forecast.
  5. Compare different weather models.

GFS27 is available in the free version, the rest of the models — in a Pro version, including Compare Mode.