Why North Americans Choose NAM Weather Model
Hey outdoor fans!

The answer to the question is simple: because NAM (North American Mesoscale) is the best regional weather model for North America produced by the American Weather Service.

It has a much better resolution than global models such as the GFS and takes small-scale weather phenomena into account, which makes it the most effective model in that region.

So if you live or going to travel in the US, Canada or Mexico, and do some outdoor activities, you choice of the weather model in Windy.app is NAM. For sure. This doesn't mean that you can't use other, global models, but, once again, the regional one is a better choice for you.

Key information about weather forecast from NAM:

  • Resolution: 12 km.
  • Forecast depth: 2.5 days.
  • Step: 1 hour.
  • Updates frequency: twice a day.
How to get weather forecast from NAM in the app?

  1. Search for the spot and open it.
  2. Choose a NAM weather model by its name under the windrose.
  3. Get weather forecast.

The feature is available in a Pro version.
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